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As a business owner, you may not need a full-time finance guru, a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). But you almost certainly DO need more expertise than you get from an in-house bookkeeper or number cruncher, and more help and ongoing advice than an annual trip to your accountant!

Who is CFO On-Call?

CFO On-Call are a team of business financial performance advisors throughout Australia and New Zealand, who like nothing better than helping business owners achieve financial success and a better lifestyle.


Before engaging CFO On-Call, the bank wouldn’t support me so debtor financing was my only option. CFO On-Call set up our new management reporting and forecasting, and the bank changed their mind. Since then, we have grown total revenue by 17%, increased gross margins from 17% to 37% and improved debtor days by 36%. We’re going from strength to strength!

If you are working frantically ‘in your business’ it really doesn’t matter how busy you are – it is crucial to take the time to work ‘on your business’ to ensure that all the effort is in fact worthwhile. Our CFO on call is invaluable in guiding and supporting us around the financial hazards.

We have an understanding of our business like never before! We now have accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that means we can make informed business decisions and grow the company profitably at every turn.

I was flying by the seat of my pants and not always enjoying the ride! I had little direction, no proper systems, going from one job to the next and a business growing beyond my capacity to manage it. Now I won’t go forward without Scott (CFO On-Call Partner). His blood’s worth bottling.

I met CFO On-Call from a referral. It helped bring some organisation to the business. They delivered on their promises and I would recommend CFO On-Call to friends and business contacts.

We have the useful financial information we need to make the informed financial and business decisions at the right time. Scott’s (CFO On-Call Partner) input has led to 27% improvement in profitability.

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