10 Secrets to Better Exit Value

If you’re like most business owners, one day you want to retire, reap the rewards of your years of hard work and leave a healthy legacy for others to carry on with into the future.

  • If your business is also your retirement fund, you may need to start thinking about selling quite a while before your actual sale day. In some cases it may be a number of years beforehand. The time to start is now!!!!

    Selling a business isn’t like selling a car. A car is a pretty simple proposition - it’s a piece of equipment that either works or it doesn’t and is in good or bad shape. A business is lot more complicated than a car with multiple factors impacting the business’s value.

When you’re running a business from day to day it’s not easy to think about it from a potential sales value perspective. So you need to start developing a plan to renovate your business, to make it attractive to a potential purchaser and maximise your retirement fund. You need to create a situation where the business can function without you being there, or possibly you being there part time. These changes generally take time to implement and then more time to see the results.

In our latest guide we’ve noted the factors to consider helping you to get a maximum Exit value.

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In this eBook, You Will Discover:

Your Industry

Find out the impact your industry can have on your Exit Value

Business Risks

How to identify risks within your business that could have a negative impact on your sale

Growth Opportunities

How to identify the right growth opportunities to increase value

Succession Planning

Is your Business ready for sale?

About the Author: Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst was managing an accounting practice when she started CAD in 1991. She has been a Director of CAD Partners for more than 24 years, and has expertise in financial management, product and service development and human resource management.

Sue is passionate about explaining accounting concepts in clear English so business owners can make sense of their own numbers.