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As a business owner, you may not need a full-time finance guru, a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). But you almost certainly DO need more expertise than you get from an in-house bookkeeper or number cruncher, and more help and ongoing advice than an annual trip to your accountant!

Who is CFO On-Call?

CFO On-Call are a team of business financial performance advisors throughout Australia and New Zealand, who like nothing better than helping business owners achieve financial success and a better lifestyle.

We can help you to prepare:

Clear executable strategies
Ongoing process improvement goals
Business drivers and KPIs
Workflows and business practices
We help you to implement:

Project Management
Change Management
We help you to manage:

Improved and more timely information
Business performance
Capitalising on greater flexibility
We can help you on a project basis, agree a half-day or day fee, or an agreed low monthly fee. (No big fee surprises!) We can be your part time Financial Controller/CFO.

We help by adding value to your operations, through delivering practical, understandable and cost effective solutions.

Ask us about this. A quick ‘Seven Key Numbers’ analysis – can show up tens (sometimes hundreds)of thousands of dollars in profit and cashflow improvements!!

Our ‘Seven Key Numbers’ methodology helps identify often small improvements to a business to those numbers. Say, 1% or 2% to each these numbers.

That can have a VERY significant impact to the bottom line, to cash flow, profitability and growth.

Why Choose CFO On-Call?

Achieve more: We can help you get invoices paid faster, reduce operating costs, overcome business challenges, find funding for growth, and much more.

Accessible: Your CFO is available whenever you need them – online, on the phone, or in person.

Accounting and operational systems: We help you make sense of your accounting systems and processes, including cloud-based solutions. We reduce the fees you pay your tax accountant. We focus on your future, rather than historical data and tax compliance.

Affordable: Choose the services that suit you. We work on a cost-effective, agreed monthly fee or once off fee, whichever suits you.