Accounting System Tune-Up

If profit and cash flow is the lifeblood of a business, your accounting system is the vessel that carries it through the business.

Your Accounting System Can Tell You

  • Where you’re making and losing money
  • How your business is performing compared to your goals
  • Which customers are slow/fast payers
  • How much you owe to suppliers
  • How much cash you’ve got available to do things
  • How well your business is managing its assets
  • How your business looks to a potential lender
  • How much tax, superannuation etc. you owe


Only if it’s set up right!

If your accounting system was set up some time ago, by someone who didn’t really have the ‘end game’ in mind, now is a good time to give it a ‘tune up’.

An ‘Accounting System Tune-Up’ ensures your software

  • Is the right one for your business

  • Links to the right systems, creating efficiencies for you and your team

  • Is accurate, so the reports can be relied upon for decision making

  • Is giving you the very best reports to guide your decisions

  • Is reporting the right tax obligations - avoiding potential cash wastage

  • Is secure to avoid fraud, loss of data and to ensure business continuity in a disaster

  • Forms are set up to give the best impression of your business and help you get paid quicker

  • Budget is entered, so you can see where things are on/off track

  • Data entry is being done correctly to ensure the right amount of tax, super etc. is being paid and bank transactions are properly reconciled.

Be confident your system is set-up right, Enquire about an Accounting System Tune-Up’ today.

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