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Business Value Improvement and Exit Planning

If you’ve worked hard in your business and you want to retire and reap the rewards of all your efforts, you may need to start planning several years before exit day.

Selling a business is a bit like selling a house… the more renovation it needs, the less you will get when you sell it.

The best person to renovate your business is you! You know it better than anyone else. You know what could be improved and therefore increase its value.

If you’re busy running the day to day things though, you may not have time to work on the business as well as in it.

We can:

  • Help to review your business, looking at it from the perspective of a potential buyer, who will carry out ‘due diligence’ as part of any purchase.  

  • Put plans in place for business renovation projects.

  • Implement plans and report on progress to ensure you’re on track to sale day and best price.

  • Implement profit and cash flow improvement strategies to increase business value.

  • Facilitate improvement projects including working with your team to ensure a smooth handover to new owners.

  • Manage Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Buyouts etc.

  • Produce an ‘Information Memorandum’ when renovation is complete and you’re ready to sell.

  • Work with you to handle sales enquiries and answer any questions from purchasers.

If you’re thinking “I would like to sell my business, but how do I go about it?” we can help.

Offer: Complimentary 20 minute ‘Sounding Board’ session to discuss your goals and plans.

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