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29 Sep

Are you spreading yourself too thinly?

Speak to any business owner and they will tell you there aren’t enough hours in the day and the ‘To Do’ list never gets any shorter. The question is ‘How to manage the daunting task of managing all aspects of the business?’   Trying to ‘keep all the balls in the air at once’ can […]

Make your Business a Lean Mean Fighting Machine

If you’re a completely new business… this information will help you to crystalize what to focus on to ensure sustainability, how to make more profit, as well as how to save money in business. 
If you’ve been running a business for awhile, you’re probably grappling with changing times and ‘Digital Disruption’. A buzzword that’s been […]

Industry thought-leaders pave the way to getting clients

You would have seen how the digital landscape is affecting nearly every business. Some business advisors may stagnate and not position themselves for it well, but smart CFO consultants are changing the way the market sees them. Our approach at CFO On-Call is to place ourselves as ‘thought-leaders’ in the market. This has the valuable […]

5 Tips to successful Time Management

One of the key challenges for business owners is how to save time at work and how to be better organised at work. Business owners often say “I just don’t have enough time to get everything done”.  They complain of trying to do everything and struggle with getting staff to help. If time is limited, […]

11 Ways business owners could get better financial advice

11 Ways business owners could get better financial advice Sue Hirst, Director – CFO On-Call   The accounting profession has traditionally focused attention on the tax and compliance side of business.  Some accountants are offering day to day financial management advice, but they are few and far between.  Most practising accountants have never worked in […]