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Your Grey Hair Is An Asset To Us!

by Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call I recently met with an accountant in his early 50s who said he felt like he was ‘over the hill’ for many people looking to recruit an accountant. I’m sure this isn’t news to you if you’re in this age bracket and job searching. It made me think […]

How to Package your Knowledge as a CFO Consultant

Are you thinking of offering a CFO Consulting service to SMEs? If your answer is yes – have you thought about how to deliver your knowledge gained over many years to your clients?  Most SMEs don’t know what a CFO is and if you’re thinking of calling what you offer Accounting, you will probably be […]

12 Ways To Collect Unpaid Business Bills

By Sue Hirst – Director of CFO On-Call Doesn’t it just give you the @?%&s when you’ve delivered a great job or product and customers don’t pay you on time? Unfortunately customers don’t always do the right thing, so you need to factor this into your business management. One of the most important factors relating […]

How To Stop Wasting Money In Your Business!

by Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call   The easiest way to stop wasting money in your business is to use a simple tool – a Budget. When/Why should businesses review their budgets? Budgets should be reviewed monthly.  This can be done by entering a budget into accounting software and printing an Actual versus Budget […]

NOW Is The Time for Exit Planning

Anyone can create or build a business. But how do you exit the business successfully? The decision of whether to exit your business or not, is never a simple decision. Most business owners hesitate or even procrastinate when making decisions about succession and transfer of business ownerships. It’s natural to avoid thinking about matters that […]

13 Reasons To Tune Up Your Accounting System

by Sue Hirst – CFO On-Call The reports that come out of your accounting system tell the final story about how successful your business operations were.  It makes sense to ensure it’s set up as well as possible, to give  the best opportunity to learn how well you’ve done and how you can do better […]

Little Leaks That Keep Business Owners Poor

by Sue Hirst – CFO On-Call ‘Overheads’ will not be a new term to most Business Owners.  You see them each month or year when you print out a Profit and Loss report from your accounting system.  Some accounting systems by default calls Overheads ‘Expenses’. It’s a listing of what you have spent money on […]