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Managing For Value

Managing for Value by Sue Hirst Managing for Value (MFV) is a simple philosophy: everything we do should maximize value for the business owner/s or shareholders. MFV provides a fresh approach to running your business. It will require us to think and act differently, to put at the centre of what we do – the […]

The Crimes We Commit Against Our Business Bank Balance

One of the biggest crimes against business profit and cash flow, is not charging the right price for our products and services. How do businesses determine their Price to customers?   Some typical methods: Charge a bit less than or the same as competitors Charge a bit more than the product or service costs Charge as […]

8 Compelling Reasons you need a Virtual CFO for your business

It seems like everything is available in a ‘virtual’ version these days.  There’s virtual conferencing, furniture staging, assistance and even virtual life games!  The internet and increased broadband capacity has made this all possible. We now don’t have to just accept what’s available in our local area, we can access the very best quality from […]