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You’re invited to CFO On-Call’s upcoming business seminar

Would you like to build your business knowledge? Keen to increase the profits of your business? Well, you’re in luck. We’re inviting you to attend our upcoming free ‘Business Numbers Made Easy’ business seminar by CFO On-Call and Scottish Pacific. In this seminar, our guest speakers will share the tools you need to understand the […]

Forget EOFY… Think BOFY!

If you’re reading this within three months of the end of the Financial Year your timing’s immaculate! But… I really want to discuss your plans for ‘Beginning of Financial Year’. Your BOFY. Here’s a checklist of what to focus on to ensure sustained and improved profits this year: 1. Sales/Gross Profit     Review sales […]

What is a CFO?

The term CFO means Chief Financial Officer.  It sounds a bit high flying, however it’s a role for someone in any business, no matter what size. Most small businesses have a bookkeeper who looks after transactions, paying bills, completing statutory returns such as Goods and Services Tax returns etc.  They also have an accountant (mostly […]

How CFO On Call Can Help You to Deliver CFO Services to Your Clients

If you’re looking to offer the best CFO solution for your clients, CFO On Call can help. Accounting firms call us in to help clients with: Systems – Helping business owners get their accounting and operations systems right with focus on efficiency.  We make suggestions on systems that can help them and assist in implementation […]

11 Ways to Give Better Financial Advice to Clients

The accounting profession has traditionally focused attention on the tax and compliance side of business.  Some accountants are offering day to day financial management advice, but they are few and far between.  Most practising accountants have never worked in a commercial situation i.e. been responsible for the profitability and cash flow management for one business. […]

Plan for Business Growth and Exit

Growth and exit might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but if you want to get maximum value for your business you need to start planning well in advance. A recent survey of family businesses, which would be similar in most established western markets, revealed that the number of owners aged between 60-69 has increased from 21% […]

12 Ways To Collect Unpaid Business Bills

Doesn’t it just give you the @?%&s when you’ve delivered a great job or product and customers don’t pay you on time? Unfortunately customers don’t always do the right thing, so you need to factor this into your business management. One of the most important factors relating to getting paid on time, is measuring the […]