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21 Dec

The Secret to Avoiding Business Losses

The best way to avoid business losses is to understand what your break-even point is. Obviously the objective of business isn’t to break-even, but to make a profit. Break-even is the amount of sales you need to make to end up with $0 profit. Too many businesses don’t know their break-even point and therefore don’t […]

21 Dec

Some straight talk about making extra profit!

Sales, profit and cash are the key issues to focus on in business financial management.  If you can get these three working right,  you’re well on your way to building a sustainable business with capacity to grow. Most people focus on sales to begin.  I’d like to start with profit!  The reason to start with […]

21 Dec

Find the hidden profits and cash in your business.

Do you ever look at the reports from your Accounting software and get over-faced by all the numbers?  Do you not bother printing out the reports at all, because you aren’t sure which numbers to look at and you don’t have the time anyway? You would not be alone if you answered yes to any […]

8 ways to make ‘Innovation’ a daily part of your business!

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Innovation’?  I recently asked one business owner who came up with the following words Change Improvement Growth New Ideas Next step Plato (Greek Philosopher Born in 427 BC) coined the phrase ‘Necessity… the mother of invention’.  You could easily substitute the word ‘innovation’ for ‘invention’ […]

24 Nov

A2 Milk shares soar on profit growth

The company said revenue in the four months to October 31 was up nearly 69 per cent at $NZ262.2 million ($A236.7 million), reflecting strong growth in nutritional products in Australia, New Zealand and China, as well as positive momentum in the US and UK. The dual-listed dairy firm’s net profit for the same period more […]

A Business Growth Planning Checklist

If you want to grow your business, it pays dividends to do it in an organized way.  Growth without planning has seen the downfall of many a good business. A great way to start planning is to do a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).  It’s a great opportunity to get your team together […]

Systems = Sanity

Many business owners struggle with doing everything in their business e.g. paying bills, day to day management, getting products and services ready, selling and managing staff etc. A major challenge for any business owner is how to get others to help run the business, so that it doesn’t completely take over your life.  You can […]