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Happy Staff = Happy Customers… Who Are Happy To Pay!

by Sue Hirst, CFO On-Call Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned operator, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to focus on.  Business owners/managers are expected to be in control of: Product/service development Marketing and Sales Operations and Finance Customer Service Human Resources I’ve put them in the above order because firstly […]

Forget EOFY… Think BOFY!

by Sue Hirst, CFO On-Call If you’re reading this within three months of the end of the Financial Year your timing’s immaculate! But… I really want to discuss your plans for ‘Beginning of Financial Year’. Your BOFY. Here’s a checklist of what to focus on to ensure sustained and improved profits this year: 1. Sales/Gross […]

NOW is the time for Business Exit Planning

Anyone can create or build a business. But how do you exit the business successfully? The decision of whether to exit your business or not, is never a simple decision. Most business owners hesitate or even procrastinate when making decisions about succession and transfer of business ownership’s. It’s natural to avoid thinking about matters that […]

The Top Driver for Profit… It’s Not The One You Think!

By Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call Key Financial Drivers in business are what drive the results.  They can have a huge impact on business financial results.  A small change can have surprising results, as we will illustrate later in this article. One of the most sensitive drivers of business profit is Costs or COGS. […]

Do You Make This Mistake In Your Numbers?

Do You Make This Mistake In Your Numbers? by Sue Hirst, Director – CFO On-Call   How to Calculate your Mark-up the Right Way! Costing and pricing is a key issue in tendering and quoting for work and it must be correct and commercially attractive.  A common problem is getting simple mathematics wrong. When pricing […]

Pricing for Profit

By Sue Hirst, Director CFO On-Call There never seems to be an easy time in business.  We often hear people say “Times are tough and the competition is high.”  One thing is for sure, well run and profitable businesses are the ones that survive and prosper. You can’t run a profitable business if your product […]

Managing For Value

Managing for Value by Sue Hirst Managing for Value (MFV) is a simple philosophy: everything we do should maximize value for the business owner/s or shareholders. MFV provides a fresh approach to running your business. It will require us to think and act differently, to put at the centre of what we do – the […]