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Virtual CFOs are becoming more the norm for small/medium businesses for this reason.

You can hire a Virtual CFO, someone who gets to know your business, helps you when you need them... and the cost pales into insignificance compared to the outcome they help you to achieve

Virtual CFOs do what face to face ones do:

  • Help you make informed business decisions.
  • Help you speak the language of investors and lenders
  • Alert you to developments so you can fix them quickly
  • Ensure you can access accurate information in real time
  • Guide your business to the Profit and Cash Flow you desire

They do it more efficiently, with modern tools and they are the ‘best of breed’ (not just what’s available locally).

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Before engaging CFO On-Call, the bank wouldn’t support me so debtor financing was my only option. CFO On-Call set up our new management reporting and forecasting, and the bank changed their mind. Since then, we have grown total revenue by 17%, increased gross margins from 17% to 37% and improved debtor days by 36%. We’re going from strength to strength!

Safa Glass

I was flying by the seat of my pants and not always enjoying the ride! I had little direction, no proper systems, going from one job to the next and a business growing beyond my capacity to manage it. Now I won’t go forward without Scott (CFO On-Call Partner). His blood’s worth bottling.

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