Tune Up Your Accounting System for a Better Performance Next Year

Accounting systems are often the last thing business owners want to focus attention on.
  • A little thought at the start of a new financial year, can reap big benefits in terms of useful intelligence about your business.
  • Do you know the total cost of your system, including any products that link (interface) to it, and the time you and staff apply to it to achieve outcomes you need? The cost could pale into insignificance when compared to profit improvements through accurate reporting and time savings.
  • How often and how are debtors’ statements sent out? Do they need to be customized? Could be a good marketing opportunity to upsell on statements.

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About the Author: Sue Hirst

Sue Hirst is a Director and co-founder of CFO On-Call, which is a team of ‘Financial Controllers’ who have helped thousands of business owners to maximise profit, cash flow and business value.CFO On-Call have achieved this by providing ‘plain english’ education about the ‘value’ of ‘Financial Control’ within small business.