What we do: What can a CFO On-Call do for you?

We work out for you exactly what will be your profit and cash flow position, before, during and after your growth plans. This ensures you don’t run out of cash midway through. We can help you seek funding you might require to handle growth.
  • You know how it is when you want to grow your business and you’re not sure if your cash flow can handle it?
  • In fact we had one client who was only able to get debtor financing, which is very expensive, until we set up management reporting and forecasting. Their bank decided to support them once they were confident that the controls were in place.

We have six simple offers:

Sounding Board

You can use us as an occasional sounding board to discuss how to manage better, grow and improve your business numbers

Accounting System Tune Up

$399 Fixed Fee Service

Virtual CFO

We provide an outsourced high skill service, assisting with the financial requirements of your business. You can receive the assistance that a chief financial officer would give a large organisation, for a fraction of the cost.

Business Numbers Help

Or you can ask us to oversee your business numbers and reporting and help set a plan for profit and cashflow improvement. Part-time, as you wish and always to a reasonable budget.

7 Key Numbers Growth Plan

Most important … a Seven Key Numbers analysis and growth plan

Business Value & Exit Planning

We can help you to improve the value of your business and help prepare your business exit strategy.