Business Efficiency Tools

CFO On-Call is pleased to recommend a range of Business Efficiency Tools to help small and medium businesses improve their operations and processes. Here are some of the tools that may be able to help improve the efficiency of your business.

Chasing unpaid invoices is a relentless task that drains the day. Are you struggling to manage a growing list of overdue customers? Have you lost sight of who owes you money?

Introducing ezyCollect, an integrated accounts receivable platform that’s purpose-built to help growing businesses simplify the accounts receivable process. To learn how you can better protect your business from late payments and bad debt, take a closer look at this game-changing solution.

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Managing workflow and accountability amongst team members can be a huge and often difficult task. is a workflow management platform which provides a better way for organisations to achieve their mission-critical objectives. The platform is highly customisable for any workflow, giving clear ownership of all tasks and allowing teams to track progress. The result? Greater productivity, improved transparency and streamlined communication in the workplace.

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