How To Get Your Customers To Pay On Time

Do you recognise this situation? You’re flat out dealing with customers, getting the job done, when you get a call from a supplier. You’re 45 days overdue with their invoice and they’re refusing to supply the goods you need until you pay.

You tell the supplier “as soon as I can get my customers to pay, I’ll pay you” and with that, you either head over to your accounts staff to ask what the hold up is, or you jump on the phone and ring your customers with large outstanding accounts.

If this is all too familiar, the good news is you’re not alone. Most businesses don’t have a reliable system for ensuring they are paid on time – and in full.

The better news is that there’s a way to avoid this kind of situation from occurring time and time again. Our free eBook ‘How To Get Your Customers To Pay On Time’ will teach you how to avoid negative cash flow in your business.

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