7 Ways to keep your Business Sustainable & Good to Grow

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Quick Assessment of your Survival Skills

Have you got what it takes to know how to survive in  business?

Have you been asking yourself “How to grow my business?”

Is dropping your prices your first course of action when sales begin to slow down? Unless you can come up with several other options … other than dropping your prices, you could be headed for trouble. With many years working with thousands of Small to Medium Enterprises, through the good times and bad, we can tell you from experience … this is not the way to go.
 You need another plan, a more effective strategy to hold out against your competitors in a tough market to survive and thrive. If you’re not working on your strategy right now … you might just be leaving it too late.

There are several essential factors that will determine your ability to survive the downturn:

  • Know what these factors are
  • Know how to measure them
  • Know how to interpret the numbers and help make good decisions required for survival

Armed with this knowledge you can put yourself ahead of your competitors, who may be making uninformed decisions about their pricing, that eventually sends them broke!  We’re sure you know how to run a business, what we want to share with you is further intelligence on how to run it using the numbers.  These numbers are vital to profitability and sustainable cash flow.