Our Free Growth Strategy for Wholesale Businesses

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When a business embarks on a mission for sales growth and successfully achieves it, it’s cause for celebration – particularly when that growth is a staggering 361%!

We’d like to share a story about how our Melbourne-based CFO On-Call, Michael Granek, worked with a business to achieve just that.

The wholesale business grew sales from $18m to $65m over 11 years, through organic growth and two successful acquisitions.

Through a combination of strong cash flow, profitability management, process improvements and shareholders taking low dividends, Michael helped the business to grow without significant bank or other debt funding and reduced net debt.

Of course, growth like this does not happen accidentally. To show how it was achieved, we’ve compiled a useful growth strategy guide.

You’ll learn how Michael worked with the business to implement a range of projects to reduce administrative processes, keep staff numbers low and harness IT processes, and implement an extensive and companywide reporting program to all key stakeholders, including Shareholders, Directors and Banks.