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What you missed at the Webinar

CFO Brendan Raftery shared with the audience the benefit of his experience in helping clients to secure business loans, including the following:

  • How to articulate your business opportunities and ensure they are realistic
  • Your trading outlook versus your Cash Flow requirements
  • Explaining how you will service debt
  • Understanding your industry and the risk exposure (in the lender’s eyes)
  • How to sell and differentiate yourself from others in your industry
  • How to overcome lender’s reluctance
  • Cash flow forecasting to support your loan application
  • Your Business Plan and how to present it to a lender
  • How resilient is your business model?
  • A Case Study of a Pastoral company struggling to get a loan and how they succeeded in securing their loan
  • What information was included in the loan application?
  • How they told their business ‘story’ to the lender
  • What financial information they provided to the lender and how it was presented
  • How this overcome the lender’s reluctance and gave them confidence in the borrower

If you’d like to learn more about tactics to secure your business loan check out the webinar recording here