Make your Business a Lean Mean Fighting Machine

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If you’re a completely new business… this information will help you to crystalize what to focus on to ensure sustainability, how to make more profit, as well as how to save money in business. 
If you’ve been running a business for awhile, you’re probably grappling with changing times and ‘Digital Disruption’. A buzzword that’s been around for a few years, referring to changes occurring in business, due to lower cost base competitors using digital/online techniques.  You’re probably asking yourself “How to run my business more efficiently?”

The online environment has smashed barriers to entry in many business sectors and particularly in the speedy way businesses can now offer and deliver goods and services. If you’re one of the ‘Digital Disruptors’ congratulations! You are continuing the age-old entrepreneurial tradition of shaking things up and finding new and better ways to do things. 
 If you’re currently running a business, you need to do something brave to begin with, and that’s ‘be prepared to change’.  Some changes can be quite uncomfortable and in some cases … quite unpopular with certain folks.  If you’re not prepared to change, (sorry, but we have to say this) it’s probably best to stop reading this and go and do something else!

If you want to end up with a healthy profit and good cash flow in your business you have to run it efficiently and to a plan.

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