Why Karen Ovens considers herself one of the lucky ones

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Karen-OvensEvery parent wants to watch their children grow up.

You want to be there for all the important moments, but not everyone gets that chance. Sometimes work and life gets in the way.

Having been a CFO On-Call partner since 2013, Karen Ovens is one of the lucky ones. The flexibility of her role means she’s able to service her burgeoning client list by providing sound financial advice and assistance, but also leaves her capable of being there for her children’s important schooling and sporting milestones.

So, when she toasts her seven-year anniversary with the virtual CFO company in July this year, she will celebrate not only what she has done for her clients, but what her clients, and by extension her role as a virtual CFO, have done for her.

“I love that I’m able to provide my experience and knowledge to businesses that don’t need a full-time CFO, adding value to their business, and I can also attend my children’s school and sporting events,” she said.

“I love the variety of working with different business owners in different industries and the flexibility of working my own hours, although I’m working at full capacity at the moment.”

Karen’s current clients are all surviving, thanks in no small part to her financial and business acumen, which is guiding each business through the measures currently in place to protect them through the COVID-19 crisis.

“I am currently preparing them for what they need to do in the pending downturn over the next couple of weeks,” said Karen.

“I have assisted them in keeping abreast of all of the government initiatives and their eligibility, ensured all payroll tax refunds have been claimed, set up their payroll system for the JobKeeper scenario, and the biggest area in the present economy is scenario planning to “stay in business” , reviewing cash flow forecasts and review what expenses can be put on hold.”

Karen believes that now, more than ever, is the time to be vigilant with your business numbers and seek the help of those qualified to provide it.

“Our value is that we give the business owners confidence in their financials and work with them on how to make the changes they require in the business for them to achieve their desired goals,” she concluded.

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