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Karen Ovens

QLD Partner

If you want to grow your business but are struggling with profit and cash flow, have a desire to expand, knowing you need to fix these issues to enable growth, I can help.

Restructuring, developing a sustainable business growth strategy, due diligence and getting your business finances in order are my passions. I’ve worked with clients to get the basics right, for taking their business to the next level. Ensuring sales targets are clear and pricing of the product/service is right.

Understanding the true cost of a product/service, to ensure a good margin is vital. Managing costs and overheads keeps profits on track. Managing cash flow during the growth phase and beyond is vital if you want sustainable growth. Seeking growth funding requires understanding of how a business operates and its cash requirements, as well as creating confidence for a finance provider.

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Professional Skills

Development of KPI’s

Business reporting


Assistance with financial control

Business plan preparation

Customer profitability analysis


Our clients have found that they now have a better understanding of their business as a result of the work Karen has done with them. We have seen a remarkable turnaround in the internal reporting of our clients. This improvement has been achieved by Karen fixing existing issues, developing new procedures to assist with efficiency and forward reporting, such as projected cash flows. The benefits for firms and clients are: better understanding of their position (especially cash flow), commercial expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal Financial Controller, someone to discuss ideas/opportunities with, time saving for the client and confidence in their numbers, resources for the accounting firm to fulfill a client’s need, without much supervision/time, and confidence the CFO isn’t competitive (they have a different focus than the firm). The client gets their systems properly set up by someone who understands what information needs to come out of them, in order to guide the business with confidence and take advantage of opportunities.

Lee Turner, Accountant

FP Accountants


Bachelor of Business - Accountancy (Accounting Major, Taxation Secondary Major)

Queensland University of Technology

CPA Accredited