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Roger Kiddle

VIC Partner

Put simply, my goal is to help business owners overcome the challenges they are facing in their business.

Whether you are looking to enter the next phase of growth and profitability, wanting to turn your business around or seeking a clearer picture of your business numbers, I can support you with the tools and knowledge to take control of your business goals.

I am a business improvement specialist, with four decades of experience in helping businesses to transform systems and processes to grow profitability, cash flow and value. Through accurate reporting and forecasting, I help business owners gain a detailed picture of where their business sits, and how to get it to where they want it to be.

Having worked as a trusted advisor to Australia’s big banks, I understand how to talk to banks. This unique insight has seen me successfully secure lending for a multitude of businesses, through the development of high-quality funding submissions and effective financial modelling.

I have worked with businesses around the globe across a multitude of industries - from manufacturing, transport and logistics to retail, hospitality and distribution.

Whatever challenges your business is facing, I look forward to working alongside you to solve it.

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