If you’re looking for better profit, cash flow, efficiency and value for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

As a business owner we understand you’ve got lots of responsibilities to juggle. The financial side can be a really tricky one, especially if you’re not a trained numbers person.

That’s where CFO On-Call can ease your load. We take responsibility for your financial challenges, so you can drive your business and make money.

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, CFO On-Call can help:

If you’re starting out – getting the admin, processes and numbers management set up right.

If you’re ready to grow your business and need accurate information to ensure growth is sustainable.

If you’ve been in business for a while and the financial side is less than organised, we can sort it out.

If you’re ready to exit your business and want to achieve the best possible value and efficient handover

Let’s start with a chat. Tell us about your financial challenges. We can talk by phone, online or in person.

Your Virtual CFO

Think of us as your Financial Co-Pilot, taking responsibility for your business numbers and financial challenges, so you can drive your business and make money

Financial Confidence in your Business comes from four key elements:

Accurate Info and Reports = your confidence to grow/

Simple, accurate and timely reports to guide you to the right decisions.

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Have confidence your numbers stack up

If your overall profit is made up of too many losers and not enough profitable lines you could be missing out.

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Get Early Warning Signs = Key Performance Indicators

‘Non financial’ information is what drives profit and cash flow results.

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Boost Efficiency, Operations & Processes = Save Money & Time

Analyse how things work and find ways to save time and money.

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Over a two-year period, our clients experienced an average profit improvement of 51%, based on an average turnover increase of just 15%.

Learn why partnering with CFO On-Call makes good financial sense.

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We now have the useful financial information we need to make informed financial and business decisions at the right time. His input has led to a 27% improvement in profitability.

Greg Jacques, General Manager

Nolans Transport

My CFO On-Call Michael came in and implemented a range of new systems and reports that we still use today. I now have a P&L which I can read and actually understand! Michael’s great at putting things into layman’s terms and helping us make sense of complex concepts. And his value doesn’t just stop at numbers – due to his commercial background he has also been a great asset to us in terms of recruitment and managing staff.

Jenny March, Owner


Before engaging CFO On-Call, the bank wouldn’t support me, so debtor financing was my only option. CFO On-Call set up our new management reporting and forecasting, and the bank changed their mind. Since then, we have grown total revenue by 17%, increased gross margins from 17% to 37% and improved debtor days by 36%. We’re going from strength to strength!

Peter Deverall, CEO

Safa Glass, Brisbane