Systems, Controls & Process Improvement

Do you ever feel like you’re chasing your tail and constantly answering the same questions from staff? Do things get missed and it’s difficult to find out information about business operations as well as finances? If you want to be freed up from your business, you need systems in place. Getting yourself, as business owner, ‘off the tools’ is vital to growing your business. You need to spend more time ‘working on’ the business than ‘working in it’. Systems guide others to do things the way you want them done. Systems enable not just staff, but future new owners to take over the business, enabling you to sell it one day. A systemised business is often worth double one that isn’t systemised.

A CFO works with you to:

Systems, Controls & Process Improvement

Review current method of operations

Facilitate team ideas for change

Achieve team ‘buy in’ for change

Plan, implement and oversee change projects


Processes can sometimes get into a ‘rut’.

As a business owner there are times when you don’t see the forest for the trees, as you’re too close to the action. A logical thinker is a great asset to come in and ask ‘why are we still doing it this way?” There’s lots of new systems and methods around to do things more efficiently and cheaply, we sometimes just need some external help to see it.

How we can help:

Logical analysis of current operations to determine improvement opportunities

Facilitate team involvement in ‘Change Management’ to get them ‘on board’

Implement systems to achieve process changes smoothly

Train and mentor staff in new systems for a smooth transition


Systems Controls & Process Improvement

How can a CFO tell me how to run my operations better?

Often when we’ve been in business for a while we get into bad habits and people often say “Well this is just the way we do it…” Business owners get tied up with handling day to day operations and struggle with time to implement easy to follow procedures for staff. Sometimes it’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at processes to find efficiencies. CFOs are very logical people who’ve seen many different business types and relish the opportunity to work out ways to improve efficiency and profitability.

Why do I need anyone to ‘facilitate’ ‘Change Management’ in my business?

Have you ever heard of the term ‘The Expert From Afar’? Sometimes a bit of ‘new blood’ or an injection of new energy and thinking helps a team to get reengaged with business improvements. Business owners are often busy running day to day stuff… so utilising an outsider with no bias can be advantageous to implementing change. Teams often feel more comfortable giving honest feedback to an outsider rather than the boss.

Why is a systemised business worth more than one that isn’t systemised?

When a new owner walks into a business they want confidence they will be able to run the business smoothly. If all the knowledge in the business walks out the door in the head of the previous owner it creates much inefficiency and lost opportunities. Systemisation is part of ‘Due Diligence’ that is done by new potential owners. If systems are poor they will use it to seek a discount for the inconvenience of having to reinvent the wheel themselves.


We have an understanding of our business like never before! We now have accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which means we can make informed business decisions and grow the company profitably at every turn.

Warwick Glendenning, CEO

Power Systems Consultants Group

If you are working frantically in your business, it really doesn’t matter how busy you are – it is crucial to take the time to work on your business to ensure that all the effort is worthwhile. Our CFO On-Call is invaluable in guiding and supporting us around financial hazards.

Lesley, Peter & Joshua Turner, Directors

Flairs Jewellery

I can’t speak highly enough of John and CFO On-Call. I would recommend them to any business owner because we don’t know about this stuff. We don’t have the time to do an accounting degree, but we need someone to guide us. I’m now living the dream – running the business remotely! The internet has freed me up to work remotely. Everything is in the cloud now and CFO On-Call plays a big part as my Virtual CFO!

Michael Brewitt, Director

Velocity Electrical, Construction

We now have the useful financial information we need to make informed financial and business decisions at the right time. His input has led to a 27% improvement in profitability.

Greg Jacques, General Manager

Nolans Transport

My CFO On-Call Michael came in and implemented a range of new systems and reports that we still use today. I now have a P&L which I can read and actually understand! Michael’s great at putting things into layman’s terms and helping us make sense of complex concepts. And his value doesn’t just stop at numbers – due to his commercial background he has also been a great asset to us in terms of recruitment and managing staff.

Jenny March, Owner


Before engaging CFO On-Call, the bank wouldn’t support me, so debtor financing was my only option. CFO On-Call set up our new management reporting and forecasting, and the bank changed their mind. Since then, we have grown total revenue by 17%, increased gross margins from 17% to 37% and improved debtor days by 36%. We’re going from strength to strength!

Peter Deverall, CEO

Safa Glass, Brisbane

If we aren’t in your area, we can do it virtually!

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