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Forward thinking business owners get much greater value working with a Virtual CFO

The benefits are HUGE… and it’s not just the lower cost.

Modern business owners are increasingly accustomed to working online. So being able to meet instantly and share information online are well and truly part of business life today.

Remote areas are no problem for our Virtual CFOs. Whether your business is in Mackay, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or any regional area, we can provide an outsourced service to meet your needs.

A CFO On-Call can work with you online when it makes sense and in person when you need it.

Virtual CFO Australia

Improve your cashflow

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Think of us as your Financial Co-Pilot, taking responsibility for your business numbers and financial challenges, so you can drive your business and make money

Financial Confidence in your Business comes from four key elements:

Accurate Info and Reports = your confidence to grow/

Simple, accurate and timely reports to guide you to the right decisions.

Have confidence your numbers stack up

If your overall profit is made up of too many losers and not enough profitable lines you could be missing out.

Get Early Warning Signs = Key Performance Indicators

‘Non financial’ information is what drives profit and cash flow results.

Boost Efficiency, Operations & Processes = Save Money & Time

Analyse how things work and find ways to save time and money.

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Virtual CFO FAQ’s

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How much does an outsourced CFO cost?

Generally an outsourced CFO charges between $1200 and $2000 per day. This may sound expensive, however a good outsourced CFO will deliver many times their cost in improved profit, cash flow and business value. They should be able to identify ‘quick wins’ straight away for a business. You don’t need to supervise them… they walk in and identify quickly what needs fixing… after a brief discussion with a business owner. Opportunities abound for CFOs to pay for themselves from ‘new money’ they help you to create!

What should I look for when hiring an outsourced CFO?

Well rounded experience over several decades, is a must when hiring an outsourced CFO. Someone who has been ‘knee deep’ in the financial dealings in business, rather than someone fresh out of university with no experience, will deliver great value to a business.

Good communication to be able to explain the financial position and work out what you need to do about it is a must. The true value of a CFO is helping you to change the ‘status quo’… not accepting it. They are there to help you change and they can only do that with lots of ‘real live’ commercial experience.

Why do I need a CFO when I have an accountant?

Some accounting firms promote that they offer CFO services. This is because the accounting bodies e.g. CPA etc. have told them they need to do this to remain relevant to their clients. The unfortunate reality is they don’t have the resources to deliver. This is because most recruits to accounting firms are fresh out of university, with no ‘real live’ business experience. You can’t amass experience from a textbook. You have to ‘live it’, experience it and learn from it.

A dedicated CFO has gained this from (sometimes) painful experience. They know how to see trends and guide business owners away from ‘icebergs’ that could sink the ship.

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What are the benefits?

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A quick summary of the benefits to you:

  • Access to experienced financial experts: Have the brightest financial brains on hand in an instant via Skype or other online meeting systems, as if they were in the office next door.
  • Your time is more flexible: Meetings can be online and at times that suit your busy schedule.
  • Growth and planning guidance: A Virtual CFO can help you with growth and profit planning and can prepare projections for your bank or lender.
  • Strategic advice: A Virtual CFO can work with you on a realistic financial strategy to improve cash-flow and profit and help guide you and the business towards it.
  • Support with navigating complex issues: Have an expert help with pricing, costing, margins, targets, interpreting management accounts and providing you with useful reports that you and your staff can easily understand.
  • Seamless systems: Documents can be shared, collaborated on and stored online. Final accounts and recommendations can be presented, just as if you were sitting together face to face.
  • Profit growth: Most importantly, regular clients make a 51% improvement in profit. Why not your business? Click here to learn more.

The cost benefit:

  • You don’t have to employ someone full-time or part-time to do the same job, freeing you from the responsibilities and on-costs of employment.
  • Most of the Virtual CFO’s time input will take place at their home office or online. You won’t be required to provide office space or equipment to accommodate their needs, and they spend little or no time in traffic or travelling. They work more efficiently and cost you less.
  • Fewer people in transit getting to and from workplaces is good for efficiency and the planet.


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We now have the useful financial information we need to make informed financial and business decisions at the right time. His input has led to a 27% improvement in profitability.

Greg Jacques, General Manager

Nolans Transport

My CFO On-Call Michael came in and implemented a range of new systems and reports that we still use today. I now have a P&L which I can read and actually understand! Michael’s great at putting things into layman’s terms and helping us make sense of complex concepts. And his value doesn’t just stop at numbers – due to his commercial background he has also been a great asset to us in terms of recruitment and managing staff.

Jenny March, Owner


Before engaging CFO On-Call, the bank wouldn’t support me, so debtor financing was my only option. CFO On-Call set up our new management reporting and forecasting, and the bank changed their mind. Since then, we have grown total revenue by 17%, increased gross margins from 17% to 37% and improved debtor days by 36%. We’re going from strength to strength!

Peter Deverall, CEO

Safa Glass, Brisbane

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