CFO On-Call takes responsibility for your financial challenges, so you can drive your business and make money.

Partner with a part-time CFO financial expert, who can be your sounding board and help you to:

  • Promote profitable product groups, items or projects and eliminate unprofitable product groups, items or projects
  • Establish effective KPIs to measure results and grow sales
  • Set lower levels of overhead costs to increase profits
  • Ensure the most cost-effective finance facilities are in place
  • Almost certainly achieve a return 5 to 10 times greater than your investment


How We Can Help*

We can support and guide you at every stage of your business growth:

Starting Out

You’re thinking of starting a business or have made the decision to go ahead.

Sorting Out

You’ve been in business for a while and your accounts aren’t quite under control. You’d like a part-time sounding board and/or you feel unsure of your financial position and/or ability to grow your business.

Branching Out

You’re established in business and would like a part-time sounding board to help grow/expand your outlets, make more profit, or undertake an IPO or merger.

Getting Out

You’re ready to sell, exit or merge your business.

* – Services available online or in person from participating providers. Contact to discuss.

Why Choose CFO On-Call?

With our exclusive ‘Seven Key Numbers Analysis’ tool, we can quickly help identify improvements to significantly boost your profit and cashflow. We have created an average of 51% profit increase for our regular clients.

Discover How

We can help you on a project basis, agree on a half-day or day fee, or a low monthly fee. We will agree to all fees up front and there will be no big fee surprises.