Here’s what a CFO On-Call will deliver:

  • No fixed term – 6 days or 6 months
  • Agreed and affordable fixed fee (no placement fees)
  • Immediate expertise, so that you can recruit a full time CFO in a considered way rather than rushing the process
  • Weekly and monthly reports you can make decisions on
  • An experienced hand that can keep the Finance function operating as normal
  • Identifying gaps in the team reporting to the position
  • Knowledge from being hands-on in your industry or similar
  • Valuable review of your systems and processes
  • Projections and feasibilities you will understand
  • Managing and mentoring the finance team so that they can deliver
  • ERP system project management
  • Assisting with year end close and required lodgements – BAS, FBT, ITR
  • Our CFOs deliver VALUE … way more than the cost!

Tell us what you need. We will get on it right away:


The Solution for an Agricultural Business

MSM Milling lacked seniority and trust within their Finance team. They were needing a finance professional to come in and settle the current finance team and tighten up processes. Management wanted to feel a lot more trust about the reporting that they were seeing. They were also recruiting for a full time CFO position and were finding the recruitment process lengthy and frustrating.

CFO On Call was contracted to provide an Interim CFO role service, this allowed MSM Milling to take their time to recruit for a full time CFO.

Andrew Free from CFO On Call was appointed to the Interim role, he quickly and efficiently tightened up processes while settling and directing the team with his calm nature. Tim Churcher CEO explained that Andrew has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and 9 months later, Tim felt complete trust in his Financial team going forward. Having Andrew gave him time to research and appoint a full time CFO into the Finance team.

Tim Churcher
CEO at MSM Milling Pty Ltd

Interim CFO – ERP Installation Project Management

If you’re installing a new system in your business and your existing finance team needs extra help… CFO On Call can assist.

Generally ERP installations involve:

  1. Design – which should be an interactive process between the external implementation consultant (EIC) and the company.
  2. Build/Develop the particular solution designed (EIC)
  3. User Acceptance Testing – primarily by company staff with guidance by the EIC
  4. Implementation/Deployment – primarily by company staff with guidance by the EIC
  5. Post Implementation issues resolution – documented by staff and resolved by EIC

Where an Interim CFO can assist:

  • Ensures there is a clearly defined and understood scope of work that covers the tasks of both the EIC and internal staff.
  • Design meetings – manages sessions which should be in person with EIC rather than a ‘form filling’ exercise.
  • Communicates with internal people who are shown exactly what is required of them.
  • Work with the permanent CFO/Finance Team to review the Chart of Accounts
  • Works with EIC and CFO/Finance team to understand importance of sub accounts and sub ledgers and how they interact with the General Ledger.
  • ‘Tidying up’ accounts pre change over.
  • Develops an internal project plan, which complements the EIC plan – so those involved can dedicate time to the implementation.
  • Coordinates the efforts of internal people.
  • Holds regular meetings of internal people as well as with EIC – documents any issues that need to be addressed and by whom.
  • Sets milestones as part of the plan.
  • Follow through to ensure EIC build based on the agreed design.
  • Work closely with the team on the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – documenting issues and working with EIC to fix issues.
  • Meet EIC people regularly as well as internal meetings.
  • Keeping track of agreed costs – understand variances – keep budget on track (it’s easy to go over without realising it).
  • Managing inevitable process changes – in the UAT phase capturing these and documenting new processes with people doing the work i.e. not imposing it on them. Involving users along the way so they take ownership.  Potentially an effective team building exercise.
  • Having a finance person in the role helps with structure, tidying up etc.
  • Maximising all benefits available from the new system.
  • Has the same level of knowledge as the CFO – will work with a permanent CFO – helps them to crystallise what they want from the system and potentially brings some distinct experience and perspective to the table.
  • Acts as the CFO’s proxy through the implementation.

As you can see from the above, installing a new system is a lot of extra work on top of ‘business as usual’ for your CFO/Finance Team.  To ease the load, whilst ensuring your implementation is a success we’re here to help.

If you’d like to discuss your ERP installation and how we can help please get in touch by filling in the form.

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