High Tech businesses are amongst the most complex to manage

By the very nature of operating at the cutting edge there are greater risks and more uncertainty than in more traditional industries. Planning operations and tracking the numbers are crucial to ensure that there is clarity about costs and matching them with the associated revenue.

Some factors to consider

Project Costing – normally High Tech businesses have defined projects and it is important to ensure that all the cost associated with a particular project are understood and captured.

Intellectual Property – it is potentially the most valuable asset… so protecting it is crucial through patents, confidentiality agreements, trademarks, rewards to “handcuff” key employees or “no compete” clauses in employee contracts.

Research and Development Tax Incentives – is your business eligible for this incentive?

Government Grants – there are many grants available particularly for emerging businesses.

Remote areas are no problem for our Virtual CFOs Australia Wide. Whether your business is in MackayMelbourneBrisbaneSydneyPerthNewcastle or any regional area, we can provide an outsourced CFO service to meet your needs.


A CFO On-Call can work with your high tech business online when it makes sense and in person when you need it.


Get the benefits of working with a Virtual CFO with High Tech Business Experience

Managing the operational KPIs, understanding the financial numbers and controlling the direction of the business are key to success in the high risk, high reward world of high tech industries.


Benefits of working with a CFO for High Tech Businesses

  1. Implement systems to track project costs in a format that not only assists informed decisions, but also provides compliance for R&D Tax Incentives.
  2. Understanding of the complex nature of a High Tech business, not just the financial aspects, but a familiarity with a “whole of business” picture.
  3. Knowledge of the assistance available to help establish and grow the business.
  4. Collaboration on building a budget and a long term strategic plan to provide the roadmap to profitability, cash flow control and building long term value in the business.


Do you need greater certainty in the financial outcome? SMEs who could only dream of hiring a CFO are now able to take advantage of a CFO On Call.

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confidence to grow

Simple, accurate and timely reports to guide you to the right decisions.

increased profit

If your overall profit is made up of too many losers and not enough profitable lines you could be missing out.

cash flow results

‘Non financial’ information is what drives profit and Cash Flow results.

Boost Efficiencies

Analyse how things work and find ways to save time and money.

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We can help your businesses with:

Increase Profits
Most importantly, regular clients make a 51% improvement in profit.
Secure Bank Loans
Banks are more cautious than ever about lending money to businesses large and small. We’re experienced dealing with lenders and how they look at potential borrowers.
Manage Business Cash Flow
Whether you're looking to grow your business, have growing pains, issues with cash flow management can severely limit your business growth capacity.
Financial Modelling
Get a summary of your company's expenses and earnings to calculate the impact of future decisions and planning.
Cash Flow Forecasting
A Cash Flow Projection sets out the ‘peaks and troughs’ in the future of your cash position
Key Financial Reporting
Track, analyse and report your business income to examine resource usage, cash flow and more.
Business Exit Planning
Most business owners want to sell or exit their business one day. The question is what will it be worth and how can you maximise the value?
Strategic Financial Advice
Have an expert help with pricing, costing, margins, targets, interpreting management accounts
Growth Planning
A Virtual CFO can help you with growth and profit planning and can prepare projections for your bank or lender.
Systems & Processes
If you want to be freed up from your business, you need systems in place. Getting yourself, as business owner, ‘off the tools’ is vital to growing your business.

Meeting the High Tech CFOs

Think of us as your financial co-pilot providing clarity and confidence so you can drive your business and make money.

We have created an average of 51% profit increase.

A Remote CFO is a corporate gun; an elite financial freelancer available 24/7 to meet any business’s needs as they arise. These CFOs engage with clients in the most effective way, accessing accounts and spreadsheets via cloud-based programs and dispensing their advice over video streaming services like Skype or WhatsApp, as well as in person. In this way, duplication is cut, along with transport costs and time spent travelling to and from face-to-face meetings.

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“I was flying by the seat of my pants and not always enjoying the ride. One day great - the next day chaos. I was always putting out fires. I don’t want to go forward without my CFO On-Call. His blood is worth bottling!”
Richard Ching
“We have the useful information we need to make the financial and business decisions at the right time. Our CFO’s input has led to a 27% improvement in profitability.”
Greg Jaques
GM Nolans Transport
“My CFO has provided me with a fantastic insight into the KPIs that really drive my business. We now have a better understanding of smarter pricing and the type of work that provides better margins.”
Kerry Matthews CEO Powerex
CFO = Matt Bliss
“He has taken the pressure off me. Net profit is growing and I’m confident our strategy can be implemented and turned into reality. I’m now living the dream - running the business remotely.”
Mike Brewill
CEO Velocity Electrical
“We’ve already made improvements of six figures! Our CFO On-Call’s experience has made a huge difference to our bottom line. He’s streamlined our processes and efficiency to better use our systems and people.”
Rodney Frost
Group GM lamson Paragon Group.
“I’ve now got the confidence to grow the business. I’ve got lots of ideas about business direction and his input is great. Our CFO On-Call is a valuable asset who helps with the planning and ensures cost effectiveness.”
Francis Vigliante

let’s get started

Virtual CFO’s Australia Wide. Tell us about your financial challenges. We can talk by phone, online or in person.

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How much does a Virtual CFO cost?
Generally a Virtual CFO charges vary based on your business objectives and size. A good Virtual CFO will deliver many times their cost in improved profit, Cash Flow and business value. They should be able to identify ‘quick wins’ straight away for a business. You don’t need to supervise them… they walk in and identify quickly what needs fixing… after a brief discussion with a business owner.
Why do I need a Virtual CFO when I have an accountant?
Generally a Virtual CFO charges vary based on your business objectives and size. A good outsourced CFO will deliver many times their cost in improved profit, Cash Flow and business value. They should be able to identify ‘quick wins’ straight away for a business. You don’t need to supervise them… they walk in and identify quickly what needs fixing… after a brief discussion with a business owner.
How do CFO services help with Business Growth Guidance?
Business Growth can be a tricky time for business owners.  The resources required to achieve sustainable growth needs careful consideration.  It’s tempting to think that growth in sales will fix everything else, however CFOs have experienced situations where this definitely isn’t the case! With business growth comes a need for extra cash to cover more sales, extra resources e.g. premises, wages, stock etc. to deliver more sales.  This needs to be carefully understood and the cash requirement factored in.  Extra funds may need to be sourced externally and a CFO can help ensure a business gets the funding it needs.  A Virtual CFO acts as a facilitator with lenders/investors to answer their questions and present the business as an attractive proposition for them.

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