Some people think it’s not the place of a CFO or accountant to help increase sales. Wrong!!

A CFO is a full-service financial expert with the skills you need to make a difference in your profit improvement plan. And the benefits are HUGE…it’s not just the lower cost.

A CFO works with you to Identify Profit Centres, Identify issues leading to lack of sales, set up systems to track sales, Manage ‘non-financial’ KPIs that drive sales. They also act as sales improvement consultants, creating a profit improvement plan or sales improvement plan that works in tandem with your needs.

The goal of a CFO is to make your business strategies count! Working hand-in-hand with your needs, they can develop a plan that goes deeper than online guides or built-in metrics. Get your business set up alongside a vetted financial expert with years of experience, backed by hands-on knowledge of your field and industry. With access to your financial metrics and current KPIs, we have what it takes to exceed your expectations.

There are so many ways for sales improvement consultants to help or enhance your entire profit improvement plan. With the right team by your side, you can start to see incredible improvements in your sales improvement plan and beyond.

A few of the most notable of these benefits include:

  • Profit enhancements. Highly skilled sales improvement consultants such as Virtual CFOs may help you allocate cash to different areas of the business. This allows profits to grow quickly and measurably — and at scale.
  • Income estimations. Creating a profit improvement plan allows your brand to measure success rather than just guess at it. You’ll always have a finger on the pulse of success!
  • Boosted budgets. If you know exactly how much you’ll make from a sales improvement plan, you’ll be able to prepare for changing budgets. Be fast and agile every time the market turns, and without losing your sanity.

Remote areas are no problem for our Virtual CFOs Australia-wide. Whether your business is in Mackay, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle or any regional area, we can provide an outsourced CFO service to meet your needs.

Unlike a consultant or sales rep, virtual CFOs are a combination of accounting pros, and sales improvement consultants. We have several decades of experience that bring value to SMEs and traditionally underserved businesses. Increase your cash flow and profit forecasts with a few simple calls to a dedicated expert.

A CFO On-Call can work with you online when it makes sense and in person when you need it. We make it easy to monitor and manage cash flow in a simple way, all without the added stressors of DIY finance or expensive mistakes. No travel costs, no hidden fees, and absolutely no unnecessary fluff.

Financial services where you need, when you need it — that’s the power of a CFO On-Call.

SALES ARE GREAT…but what does the profit reporting say?

But if they’re not ‘profitable sales’ they will only lead to frustration and eventual cash flow problems. Anyone can make money — but using it in the most effective way for your business takes time, skill, and experience.

The key to making profitable sales is to balance charging the right price for your goods and services and managing the costs and overheads to ensure your revenue doesn’t disappear into other peoples’ pockets!

A virtual CFO in Australia has all the experience you need to grow, sustain, and profit from your business.

Do you need greater certainty in the financial outcome? SMEs who could only dream of hiring a CFO are now able to take advantage of a CFO On Call.

  • Set up KPI reporting and measurement throughout business operations and guide staff
  • Set up ‘non-financial’ KPIs to drive sales results
  • Get Early Warning Signs = Key Performance Indicators
  • Accurate costing and pricing to ensure profitability
  • Discussion about results and how they can be improved
  • From systems control process improvement to business cash flow management, a virtual CFO in Australia has exactly what your business has been looking for. All you need to do is focus on the success and reliability of your brand — and we’ll take care of the rest!

From business cash flow management to better profit forecasting, the professionals at CFO On Call can help. Our trained Virtual CFOs are equipped with the tools and talent necessary to succeed in any industry. Leverage our CFOs as sales improvement consultants to create a personalised profit improvement plan, or instead lean on a sales improvement plan to make better decisions regarding your commercial financial future.

Contact us today to learn more about our virtual financial services for SMBs all over Australia.

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Virtual CFO talking to a client

confidence to grow

Simple, accurate and timely reports to guide you to the right decisions.

increased profit

If your overall profit is made up of too many losers and not enough profitable lines you could be missing out.

cash flow results

‘Non financial’ information is what drives profit and Cash Flow results.

Boost Efficiencies

Analyse how things work and find ways to save time and money.

Virtual CFOs can help businesses with profit improvement and reporting

Increase Profits
Most importantly, regular clients make a 51% improvement in profit.
Secure Bank Loans
Banks are more cautious than ever about lending money to businesses large and small. We’re experienced dealing with lenders and how they look at potential borrowers.
Business Cash Flow Management
Whether you're looking to grow your business, have growing pains, issues with cash flow management can severely limit your business growth capacity.
Financial Modelling
Get a summary of your company's expenses and earnings to calculate the impact of future decisions and planning.
Key Financial Reporting
Track, analyse and report your business income to examine resource usage, cash flow and more.
Business Exit Planning
Most business owners want to sell or exit their business one day. The question is what will it be worth and how can you maximise the value?
Strategic Financial Advice
Have an expert help with pricing, costing, margins, targets, interpreting management accounts
Growth Planning
A Virtual CFO can help you with growth and profit planning and can prepare projections for your bank or lender.
Systems & Processes
If you want to be freed up from your business, you need systems in place. Getting yourself, as business owner, ‘off the tools’ is vital to growing your business.
Increase your profits with our Complimentary Cash Flow Template.
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We have created an average of 51% profit increase.

A Virtual CFO for hire is a corporate gun; an elite financial freelancer available 24/7 to meet any business’s needs as they arise. These CFOs engage with clients in the most effective way, accessing accounts and spreadsheets via cloud-based programs and dispensing their advice over video streaming services like Skype or WhatsApp, as well as in person. In this way, duplication is cut, along with transport costs and time spent travelling to and from face-to-face meetings.

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Virtuals CFOs Experienced With A Range of Industries Australia Wide

With our exclusive ‘Seven Key Numbers Analysis’ tool, we can quickly help identify improvements to significantly boost your profit and cashflow. We have created an average of 51% profit increase for our regular clients.

Printing & Manufacturing

Focus on improving systems, pricing, profit margins and equipment utilisation.


Focus on improving systems, labour utilisation, job profitability, profit margins markup, work in progress and quotes

Mechanical Engineering

Focus on equipment and labour utilisation, job management, profit margins, processes and systems

Freight Transport & Logistics

Focus on systems, processes, equipment utilisation, job management, profit margins

Building & Construction

Focus on labour utilisation, profit margins, job management, processes and systems

Wholesale and Distribution

Focus on equipment and labour utilisation, stock management, profit margins, return on inventory investment, systems


“He has taken the pressure off me. Net profit is growing and I’m confident our strategy can be implemented and turned into reality. I’m now living the dream - running the business remotely.”
Mike Brewill
CEO Velocity Electrical
“We’ve already made improvements of six figures! Our CFO On-Call’s experience has made a huge difference to our bottom line. He’s streamlined our processes and efficiency to better use our systems and people.”
Rodney Frost
Group GM lamson Paragon Group.
“We have the useful information we need to make the financial and business decisions at the right time. Our CFO’s input has led to a 27% improvement in profitability.”
Greg Jaques
GM Nolans Transport
“I was flying by the seat of my pants and not always enjoying the ride. One day great - the next day chaos. I was always putting out fires. I don’t want to go forward without my CFO On-Call. His blood is worth bottling!”
Richard Ching
“I’ve now got the confidence to grow the business. I’ve got lots of ideas about business direction and his input is great. Our CFO On-Call is a valuable asset who helps with the planning and ensures cost effectiveness.”
Francis Vigliante
“My CFO has provided me with a fantastic insight into the KPIs that really drive my business. We now have a better understanding of smarter pricing and the type of work that provides better margins.”
Kerry Matthews
CEO Powerex

let’s get started

Virtual CFO’s Australia Wide. Tell us about your financial challenges. We can talk by phone, online or in person.

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Sales Profit Reporting FAQ’s

Aren’t the reports from my accounting system enough to guide me?
While you might be able to trust your accounting system for some financial reports, you can’t always rely on technology to provide key insights and catch human errors. Leaving your whole business at the mercy of a cookie-cutter strategy or software is simply not worth the risk. A single mistake could disrupt your entire cash flow, preventing you from making any tangible difference in your profits. At the end of the day, CFOs can provide everything that accounting systems can and a whole lot more. Eliminate duplicate expenses with a virtual expert who can push tools to work in your favour without the threat of dropped details or missing information. Getting started with a virtual CFO is one of the best ways to develop a long-term sales improvement plan. This means customised reporting and a properly set up chart of accounts in your system. A good CFO can easily set this up to give the best insight. Partner with a seasoned professional who can integrate with your current technology, and provide greater outcomes across the board.
Doesn’t just selling more automatically improve profitability?
Many business owners focus lots of attention on making sales. This is great, but if they’re not profitable sales, the benefit can be lost by the time any of it gets to the bottom line. Not enough focus is given to cost and overheads management. Often more focus on these can have a much bigger impact than selling more!
How can a CFO help to increase sales?
Sales can be increased by other methods than just selling more stuff to the same people. They can be increased by analysing competitor pricing and introducing regular price increases. They can be increased by proper calculation of markup and margin… a very common mistake that has a bad effect on not just sales but profit too. ‘Non Financial KPIs’ are vital to increased sales. A CFO can help you to determine what they should be and set up systems for tracking and reporting.
My cash flow is a bit tight… how can I pay the fees of a CFO?
We often find money sitting in the wrong place i.e. not in business bank accounts. There are quite a few places it can be. We’re happy to discuss them with you and help you to move the funds more quickly into your business bank account, so that you can more easily pay all your expenses and grow your business more efficiently.
What are ‘non financial KPIs”?
Increased sales are generally driven by a set of ‘non financial’ KPIs, such as marketing activity, leads generated, opportunities/appointments generated, sales conversion rate etc. Setting up the system for measuring, reporting and managing such KPIs is easy for a CFO who can set up the data capture method and formulas to calculate the KPIs.
When is the right time to hire a virtual CFO to discuss my business’s sales improvement strategy?
It is never too early to consider partnering with a virtual CFO. However, there may be a few tell-tale signs that your business is in critical need of a financial professional. A lack of straightforward financial information is one of the first signs that you may need outside help. Confusing or conflicting data may lead to restricted cash flow, making it more difficult to understand your current financial standing. If your current tech stack or in-house team is not enough to retrieve the numbers you need, you may want to consider hiring a long-term expert. Your business may also need a virtual CFO during periods of high growth and success. While an excess of cash is always a good thing, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Virtual CFOs can provide you with a financial roadmap and sounding board to help you get where you need to go.

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