Giovanni Tam

Relationship Manager

From selling fairy floss at aged 13 to helping accountants build the business and lifestyle they deserve, Giovanni has proven he’s a DOER. He’s been dreaming big dreams since he was a child and has entrepreneurial blood in his veins. He’s proud of what he’s already achieved and excited about the road ahead.

Giovanni learnt a lot as a teenage business owner, lessons he later expanded on and applied to the hospitality and fitness industries. His methodical approach to documenting his experience and learnings, coupled with his natural visionary outlook, saw him become a sought after resource and leader in this space.

Whatever Giovanni does, he does with determination and enthusiasm – and also with a great degree of joy! Whether it’s helping create businesses for accountants or mastering a posture at yoga, he has fun whilst achieving goals. He’s grown up in a culture of success and thrives on making things happen.

Giovanni is best described as:

  • Structured
  • Visionary
  • Goal oriented
  • Flexible
  • A risk taker
  • A great time manager
  • A people person
  • An explorer
  • A family man
  • A pilates junkie
  • and a connector.

Giovanni genuinely cares about people and what drives them. He nurtures relationships and is a reliable and trustworthy consultant. He is super passionate about seeing number crunchers become business advisors, and relishes the chance to help them build the business of their dreams.

CFO On-Call can be contacted on 1300 362 436 or info@cfooncall.com.au

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