Stuart Frost

Co-founder and CEO at CFO On-Call, Stuart Frost brought his extensive business development and consulting advisory experience to the business in 1991.  


He saw that while many small businesses had the support of an accountant, they weren’t receiving forward-thinking financial control or advice on business efficiency. Business owners were making critical decisions based on accounts that could be up to 18 months old. He believed small business owners could achieve more, with less stress and at a fraction of the cost, if they could access the services of an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Financial Controller on a part-time basis.


Hence the CFO On-Call service was born, where a business owner can call upon the services of an experienced ex-corporate Financial Controller or CFO, for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own, once a week or month, or on an ‘as-needs’ basis


Stuart likes nothing better than seeing the positive impact CFO On-Call Partners make to a client’s cash flow and bottom line. He passionately believes that business owners need current management information, on which to make better decisions.



CFO On-Call can be contacted on 1300 362 436 or