Sue Hirst

As a Co Founder of CFO On-Call (starting in 1991), Sue has worked with thousands of business owners to achieve improvements in their sales, profit, cash flow and business value.

Throughout her time she has developed an insight into the types of issues that are common to many business owners.  She has seen ‘first hand’ the pitfalls that businesses face, as well as those that sail through the growth journey ‘unscathed’.  She has gathered this experience into her book Cashflow Breakthrough’ (including 10 Blind Spots Every Business Owner Must Know To Avoid ‘Growing Broke’)


The key to stress free and sustainable growth, is to have tight control of every aspect of business (her primary interest being the financial side).


If a business owner has a tight grip on the financials, everything else flows and becomes accountable to the numbers.  The numbers tell the story and plot the path to business success or failure.


Numbers themselves are great… However a ‘financial co-pilot’ to sit with a business owner, is the key to making sense of progress and being accountable to plans.


Sue and the team of CFOs are passionate about seeing business owners achieve their goals with minimum stress.  Business growth is never an easy ride but if you have someone by your side looking out for the financial side, it’s a much easier journey!


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