7 Ways to Keep Your Business Sustainable & Good to Grow

Have you got what it takes to survive in tough times? Is dropping your prices your first course of action when sales begin to slow? Unless you can come up with several other options instead of dropping your prices, you’re headed for trouble.

With 18 years working with 18,000 Small to Medium Enterprises, through the good times and bad, we can tell you from experience that this is not the way to go. You need another plan – a more effective strategy to hold out against your competitors in a tough market.

If you’re not working on your strategy right now you might be leaving it too late. There are several essential factors that will determine your ability to survive the downturn.

This is your guide to understanding these critical factors. Your guide to the steps needed to develop a Survival Strategy. It’s written in plain English and there’s no accounting jargon. The worksheets will make your numbers easy to understand.


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