1 minute read

A ‘shot in the arm’ about how small changes can impact your business results greatly.

Sue Hirst of CFO On-Call gives an explanation in ‘plain english’ about financial strategy for businesses.

Including discussion on:

  • How to avoid financial shocks
  • How selling more sometimes causes more cash flow problems
  • How to get more of your sales dollars onto the bottom line
  • How to work out your breakeven sales amount and set profitable sales targets
  • Pricing to ensure profit
  • Your Business Financial Roadmap
  • Tools to help profitability and good cash flow
  • How to improve your chance of getting growth funds
  • Understanding how your Balance Sheet impacts cash flow
  • A high level summary of the keys numbers to set you on the path to profitability


This 30 minute podcast could save you months of studying and headaches trying to understand accounting jargon!