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We’re delighted to welcome Lianne to the team of Virtual CFOs in Perth.


Lianne works with companies to create value including:

    • Overcoming growth challenges
    • Strategic growth planning and forecasting
    • Managing Cash Flow to achieve sustainable growth
    • Finance acquisition to fund growth
    • Systemisation to handle growth
    • Management reporting to ensure growth plans are on track
    • Project and product costing to ensure profitability
    • Feasibility studies to support investment 
    • Establish cash flow focussed contracts
    • Mitigating and minimizing growth risk


Lianne believes strongly in doing the necessary work up front to ensure the profitability of a job or project.  Some important items she has in place before contracting and commencing are:

    • A robust well supported financial model, that converts to a project forecasting and financial management tool, ensuring desired results are closely monitored and achieved
    • Cash flow considerations in tender and contractual negotiations to minimise working capital requirements
    • Risk mitigation and management strategies established to avoid costly errors
    • Project/job cost controls to avoid cost overruns and improve profitability

At an offshore construction company where Lianne previously worked all projects were cash flow neutral or positive, and all the projects exceeded bid expectations, with no major variances in forex exposure, insured risk or foreign tax regimes.


Lianne has a philosophy of ‘value creation’.  Two of her favourite tools for this are ‘sensitivity analysis’ and ‘scenario modelling’, which she uses before deciding on a significant purchase or business path forward.  This way the most ideal pathway can be chosen and the risks can be understood upfront and managed along the way.

In assessing options for building a processing plant, she developed a financial model that determined, not only the profitability of the plant, but also ran scenarios to determine the best location and type of processing equipment for the plant.  This demonstrated a difference in net present value of the project between $594m and $958m.  Profitability was improved and risk reduced.


To learn more about how Lianne is helping businesses download our eBook ‘‘Managing Your Business Through Rapid Growth’ 


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