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By Sue Hirst – Director, CFO On-Call

I recently met with an accountant in his early 50s who said he felt like he was ‘over the hill’ for many people looking to recruit an accountant.

I’m sure this isn’t news to you if you’re in this age bracket and job searching.

It made me think that, what may be seen as a liability to some, is actually a great asset to us at CFO On Call.

What we offer to the SME market, is the knowledge and experience of people who’ve worked in commerce (often for many years).  Our people have gained extremely valuable knowledge about what makes business tick and how to improve profit, cash flow, business value and stakeholder satisfaction.

If you would like your grey hair to be a ‘door opener’ instead of ‘door closer’ why not consider becoming a CFO Consultant?  Help SMEs grow their business – using all that experience you have with someone that will greatly appreciate it. Send us an Expression of Interest via the link below to learn more.