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Con Koudsy

NSW Partner

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Based in Sydney- Helping business owners Australia Wide

Think of me as a ‘Financial Co-Pilot’ helping with your financial challenges so you can

grow your business and make money!

Skills & how we can help with Financial Growth

First Up: A ‘Deep-Dive’ into your numbers and Immediate Financial


  • Business Planning
  •  Short/Long Term Goals
  •  Cash-flow & Profit Improvement Planning
  •  Prioritise Action Plan & Reporting
  •  Success Factors
  •  Quick Wins
  •  Financial Stability Planning
  •  Costing Pricing Analysis
  •  Setting up Easy to Use Controls, Processes & Systems
  •  Help Optimising Bank Loans
  •  Growth Funding and Strategies
  •  Expansion and/or Exit Planning
  • Background & Value Created for Businesses

    Hi Tech Auto Body Shop

    Increased sales by $20m per year since 2012

  • He sent through a proposal in 2012 that allowed two motor vehicle autobody shops to bring in over $20 million in revenue each since then which guaranteed work supply that exists until today.
  • Managed all operations in the group involving:

  • Implementation of new production management systems improving management process from workshop to front office.
  •  Personnel issues e.g. employment contracts, WorkCover requirements, Workers Comp and other legal issues
  •  Preparation of financial statements for SMSFs, family trusts and investment companies
  •  Property lease legal issues, rent and compliance issues.
  •  Completed and submitted presentations to insurance companies and motor vehicle manufacturers re-issues of equipment compliance, energy and environmental initiatives and green energy compliance.
  • Australian Catholic University / Bachelor of Business Accounting

    CPA Australia / Certified Practising Accountant Since 2006

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    Professional Skills

    Short/Long Term Goals

    Business Planning

    Cash-flow & Profit Improvement Planning

    Success Factors

    Prioritise Action Plan & Reporting

    Financial Stability Planning