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Matt Bliss

New Zealand Partner

I have extensive experience in financial and business management from various roles in the corporate sector, owning my own business, and helping small and medium size business in New Zealand, since 1987.

At the start of my career in one of the big 6 accounting firms, I gained good ground-level knowledge of practical accounting issues, and my roles since then in larger corporates and smaller privately-owned businesses, have given me a unique ability to see how a business can be improved, and finding the right solutions for the problems at hand.

I roll my sleeves up to find operational efficiencies, cost and job management improvements to create better profit, cashflow and business value for my clients.

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Professional Skills

Budgeting and forecasting

Financial reporting and controls

Cash flow management

Develop and implement KPI’s

Strategic and business planning

Formulation of policies and procedures


Matt has provided me with fantastic insight into the KPI’s that really drive my business. We now have a better understanding of the type of work to chase, where the best margins are made, and where we get our best productivity. This enabled us to target our marketing and growth strategy. Having Budgets and Forecasts have been critical to give us the courage and timing to grow. Measuring monthly performance against these targets has allowed us to see problems quickly, giving us the opportunity to make change before the impact grows. Having a good understanding of the amount of work in progress at the end of a month has also helped us with understanding cash flow better, and giving us a very clear view of our financial performance at any time.

Kerry Matthews


When Matt started the initial planning, it became apparent that there was a lot of information we just didn't have that would help us make better business decisions faster. The changes he implemented for us have been very helpful. The KPI's we now get are critical to profitable growth. Our board of directors get accurate timely advice and information, and this helps them make important strategic decisions. Matt was also part of a small hardworking team that successfully migrated our systems to a ‘cloud’-based accounting and job costing system called NetSuite and Open Air. His contribution was a factor in its successful implementation.

Warwick Glendenning, CEO

PSC Group


Bachelor of Business Studies (Majors in Finance & Accounting)

Massey University

Chartered Accountant