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This 3 minute video is no miracle one-off. This business had been going the same way for 20 years and always seemed to be fighting with cash-flow. 

Knowing how the best in their industry worked, within a few months, we’d set a path to help improve sales from $14M to $35M, reduce stock from $5M to $2.4M, cut customer payment days by one third. And from then on they always had cash in the bank.

No miracle – just Virtual CFO know-how.

You can see exactly how these techniques and a bit of special software magic can apply to your business.

I’ll bet you now, even if your business turns over $2M or $35M, we can quickly show you, without significant cost, the quickest way to much improve your profit and cash flow.

Click the video below to find out:


Here are some of our wonderful CFOs in Melbourne:

Michael Granek

The best way to describe Michael is to tell you a story about a client…

He helped them to grow sales from $18m to $65m, driven by solid cashflow, receivables and inventory management and business process improvements. He was heavily involved with them to integrate new products and markets, retaining the initial value of the business culture.

They achieved growth with scalable processes for customer experience, sales pipeline management and business intelligence. They were able to automate previously manual processes, as such were able to maintain admin staffing levels even as sales tripled!

The new admin process was so cleanly built that when the business was acquired, no items of concern were raised in ‘due diligence’ and this meant a very lucrative exit for shareholders.

This is the type of project Michael relishes and he loves to see clients achieve growth and greatly improved business value.

Discover the Power of an Hour with Michael Granek!!


Neha Malhotra 

Neha loves nothing better than helping an owner with a growing business take it to the next level.

There can be all kinds of issues surrounding business growth such as:

  • Cash flow problems (quite common and normal in a rapidly growing business)
  • Bookkeeper and staff not coping with business growth and how to manage them
  • Getting customers to pay on time
  • Owner getting the right business reports to guide decision making
  • Setting up the business systems to handle growth
  • Due diligence on business mergers, acquisitions and expansion plans to ensure it’s a viable and sustainable proposition

Neha has helped many businesses to grow, without compromising their existing business.  She has provided:

  • A ‘sounding board’ to discuss clients’ ideas, plans and goals
  • Numbers and costings to ensure viability of initiatives
  • Planning to implement growth and ‘change’ activities
  • Setting targets and reporting to ensure plans are on track and desired outcomes achieved
  • Help employing, guiding and managing the right bookkeeper to handle growth, ensuring profit and cash flow runs properly
  • Investigating, identifying and fixing issues that affect growth

In short Neha takes responsibility for your business numbers and financial challenges, so you can DRIVE your business and make money!

Discover the Power of an Hour with Neha Malhotra!!