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Sam loves nothing better than helping an owner with a growing business take it to the next level.

Whilst working with a large project based organisation, Sam discovered an issue with their billing/cost recovery process.  He found they had underclaimed for labour/salaries.  This came about because the original margin wasn’t calculated correctly. The organisation was able to revise the pricing model and renegotiate the sales rate with the customer. It was worth $1m over one year!


As part of the leadership team for one $1.5bn project, Sam worked closely with the client to discuss any issues and action required.  Due to their KPIs scoring full marks, the client was happy to become a long term business partner, in not just Australia, but overseas as well!




Sam worked with one business to reduce overhead costs by 18%.  He reviewed the nature of all overheads with the business owner.  One of the larger overheads was office space, some of which was subleased and some terminated.  This helped the business to be sustainable during difficult times.


Sam built the financial process and procedures for a project that had very poor performance.  After three  months the finance team was able to process the work much more efficiently.  This shifted the focus, so the finance team could provide reliable forecasts to the leadership team.  Finance was able to quantify how much damage/loss had been incurred, what was the possible outcome and what would be the worst case scenario.  This provided great insight for decision making and turned the business around so that it was able to shift focus of management to required delivery and customer satisfaction.


In short Sam takes responsibility for your business numbers and financial challenges, so you can DRIVE your business and make money!