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The Perks of Hiring an Outsourced CFO

If it’s important to you to understand your financial position and know the numbers in your business, an outsourced CFO could be the answer to your prayers.
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Financial Controller v CFO

Hiring a Financial Controller or CFO is the key to avoiding self-managed finance When your business is in financial growth mode, there’s only one thing worth more than the money you’re bringing in: the steadfast business advice you need to…
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Planning An Exit Strategy For Your Business

Don’t risk making your business exit without an exit strategy If you’re like most business owners, you have plans to one day retire, leaving a healthy legacy for others to carry on into the future, and reap the rewards of…
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Are you selling all the hours you’re paying for?

If you employ people to provide services to customers, it’s vital to manage the hours invoiced to customers compared to those you pay to staff.  Reason being the differential is potential lost income to your business and precious profit.
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Learn How to Get Your Bank Loan Approved

What you missed at the Webinar CFO Brendan Raftery shared with the audience the benefit of his experience in helping clients to secure business loans, including the following: How to articulate your business opportunities and ensure they are realistic Your…
Boosting Cash flow employer
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Boosting Cashflow Employers

For those employing people, cash flow can be a constant headache… but it doesn’t have to be this way.
3 Way Forecast
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What is a 3 Way Forecast and how can it help your business?

Many businesses have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and have survived through the receipt of various government subsidies. These subsidies have been a welcome lifeline, but what happens to your cash flow now they’ve ended?
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Financial Roadmap… What You Missed at the Webinar

To kick off the New Financial Year we shared a ‘Financial Roadmap’. A ‘Financial Roadmap’ is like a GPS guide, to help anyone in business to set a path to desired profit and cash flow management.
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5 Tips to Manage Your High Growth Business

Growing a business is a very normal aspiration but how do you manage that growth so that the growing pains don’t put so much pressure on the operations that it all comes undone.
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5 Tips to Avoid Your ‘Blue Sky’ Budget Bringing You Undone

A ‘Blue Sky’ budget is one that includes a factor for growth.  This is a great idea… however where it often falls down, is in calculating everything else that enables the business’ ability to create and handle the growth.

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