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CFO On Call is thrilled to announce Aaron Hubka as the newest addition to our partnership team in Victoria.

With an illustrious career spanning senior and C-suite roles across various industries including manufacturing, construction, finance, IT, defence, and aerospace,  Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CFO On Call family. His expertise in driving commercial success through innovative financial leadership is unmatched, making him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to enhance its sustainability and
operational efficiency.

Aaron’s role at CFO On Call will leverage his extensive experience to offer services such as Virtual CFO Services, Cash Flow Management, Business Growth Planning, and much more. His ability to establish strong relationships at the CXO and Board levels, coupled with his strategic leadership skills, ensures he is well-equipped to facilitate positive transformations for businesses.

In the wake of recent bankruptcies and forced administrations, small to medium enterprises in the manufacturing and construction sectors in Australia, and particularly in Victoria, face significant challenges.

To survive and thrive in this competitive landscape, these businesses need to focus on several key strategies:

    • Innovation and Diversification: Exploring new markets and diversifying product lines can help mitigate risks associated with dependency on a single sector or customer base.
    • Leveraging Technology: Adopting advanced manufacturing technologies and digital tools can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.
    • Skilled Labour and Training: Addressing the skilled labour shortage by investing in training and development programs, and exploring alternative hiring strategies, such as apprenticeships or partnerships with educational institutions.
    • Financial Management and Forecasting: Implementing robust cash flow management and forecasting practices to improve financial health and sustainability.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships with other businesses or government bodies can provide access to new markets, technologies, and financial resources.
    • Market Research and Customer Engagement: Continuously engaging with customers and conducting market research to understand evolving needs and trends, enabling quicker adaptation to market changes.
    • Regulatory Compliance and Sustainability: Ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and adopting sustainable practices to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and services.
    • Competing with Multinationals: SMEs need to identify their unique value propositions and leverage local market knowledge and agility to compete effectively against multinational corporations involved in large infrastructure projects.


By focusing on these strategies, SMEs operating in Victoria’s manufacturing and construction markets can navigate the current landscape, maintain sustainability, and pivot successfully into new products and services.  Aaron’s insight will be instrumental, and his guidance will be crucial for businesses looking to be agile and adapt in this challenging environment.


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