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We’re excited to announce a special offer from Aaron, a valued addition to our team of Virtual CFOs in Victoria.

Aaron is extending a unique opportunity through the e-book,  ‘‘Managing Your Business Through Rapid Growth’.


Aaron specializes in assisting companies to create value through various strategic financial approaches, including:

      • Overcoming growth challenges
      • Strategic growth planning and forecasting
      • Managing Cash Flow to achieve sustainable growth
      • Finance acquisition to fund growth
      • Systemisation to handle growth
      • Management reporting to ensure growth plans are on track
      • Project and product costing to ensure profitability
      • Feasibility studies to support investment 
      • Establish cash flow focussed contracts
      • Mitigating and minimizing growth risk


Aaron believes strongly in doing the necessary work up front to ensure the profitability of a job or project.  Some important items Aaron has in place before contracting and commencing are:

    • A robust well supported financial model, that converts to a project forecasting and financial management tool, ensuring desired results are closely monitored and achieved
    • Cash flow considerations in tender and contractual negotiations to minimise working capital requirements
    • Risk mitigation and management strategies established to avoid costly errors
    • Project/job cost controls to avoid cost overruns and improve profitability.




At the professional services firm that Aaron was recently working with, the organization required expansion and technology innovation for market competitiveness.

Aaron worked with the leadership teams in delivering a capability transformation, and thereby introduced a secure custom video interpreting platform, as well as overhauled the entire HR and financial management systems.  This helped achieve both off and on-shoring efficiency in respect of HR teams, structures and talent deployment, enabled a first-to-market product launch, and established a foundation for informed decision-making and future growth in respect of ERP and financial reporting requirements.

Aaron has a philosophy of ‘value creation’.  Two of Aaron’s favourite tools for this are ‘sensitivity analysis’ and ‘scenario modelling’, which Aaron uses before deciding on a significant purchase or business path forward.  This way the most ideal pathway can be chosen and the risks can be understood upfront and managed along the way. 

Aaron was also previously CFO of a 75-year-old, 3rd generation owned and operated company that was facing significant financial distress on the back of its transition from an automotive manufacturing and supply business to a high end, defence and aerospace manufacturer, and required HR and financial restructuring for both its sustainability, as well as its growth and development into this new sector.  On the back of extensive restructuring activities in both HR, lending platforms and facilities, as well as new cashflow friendly financing arrangements, it ultimately led to an increase in efficiency, performance management, and helped to implement cost-saving initiatives throughout the organisation.  Within 12 months of implementing these necessary changes, the company boasted enhanced financial stability, secure capital for expansion, and assisted in significantly reducing operational costs.


To learn more about how Aaron is helping businesses download the eBook ‘‘Managing Your Business Through Rapid Growth’