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Most business owners have likely sought advice from their accountant or bookkeeper about how to navigate this difficult time. This is understandable. During times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to seek out professional financial advice and guidance for your business.

Even more important, however, is ensuring that the choices you are making are not just short-term solutions, but strategies that will result in the best possible outcome for your business well into the future.

While an accountant may be able to provide necessary guidance on how to navigate things like legislation and payroll, what they lack – and what is arguably the most important asset for any business right now – is strong commercial acumen.

A CFO or Financial Controller guides multi-million dollar companies through any number of financial challenges. They look beyond the numbers and take into account the bigger picture of how a business is pieced together, and whether it is running at optimal pace. It is this more experienced and strategic perspective that will prove invaluable to businesses during this time.

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