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A specialist in business expansion, turnaround and core growth, Sean has honed his skills all over the world. His impressive career has seen him work as a financial advisor and senior business strategist with companies across Africa, the UK, France and the USA with his expertise spanning Agriculture, Mining, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Logistics and Government.

As a CFO On-Call Partner, Sean works directly with small to medium business owners to help them take control of their business numbers and achieve financial success.

Those familiar with Sean Walls know that his success stems from approaching things differently to what is considered “usual”. He breaks each part of the business down into segments – be they sales, manufacturing, services or industry – and then puts them back together for the maximum possible outcome.

This is known as the Value Chain approach – one which has proven successful for Sean, who has received awards for turning businesses around.

“I love solving problems. I’m not your regular finance person,” Sean said.
“Most traditional finance people will look straight at the numbers whereas I think the numbers will sort themselves out if the business is optimised.

“So, I look at the business down while most people will look from the numbers up.”

Sean’s bread and butter is making businesses profitable, and he believes he has plenty to bring to any size business which may need CFO On-Call’s help.

“You’ll have access to someone who has the horsepower to work with the big companies for a simple day rate,” he said.

“I’m heavily connected to a network of good people and you can plug in to that.”

If you are either a small business owner or an Accounting firm looking for a CFO to help, please email us at to set up an initial chat.

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