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Karen loves to work with businesses that want to grow. If they struggle currently with profit and cash flow, but want to grow and know they need to fix these issues to enable growth, Karen can help. She has helped clients with restructuring, sustainable growth strategy, due diligence and getting business finances in order. Helping business owners to be better informed about performance and confident with the results is her passion.

Karen helps clients understand what drives cash flow and manage what impacts it to enable better cash flow. She has recruited, trained and managed bookkeepers to handle issues affecting cash flow, so it isn’t such an issue and business owners can get on with running the business without worrying about cash.

Profit improvement and developing KPIs to improve sales, costs and overheads is a job she relishes. She has assisted businesses to install disciplines, so that everyone is accountable and involved in achieving the desired results.

Karen has worked with clients to get the basics right, in preparation for taking their business to the next level. Such as:

  • Ensuring sales targets are clear and pricing of the product/service is right.
  • Understanding the ‘true cost’ of a product/service, to ensure a good margin is vital for a growing business.
  • Anticipating and managing costs and overheads keeps profit plans on track.
  • Understanding and managing cash flow requirements, during the growth phase and beyond, is vital if a business wants to grow sustainably.
  • Seeking growth funding requires deep understanding of how a business operates and its cash requirement, as well as creating confidence in a finance applicant.

Karen’s clients have a clear understanding of how their business is performing from the reports she’s set up for them. Their accounting systems have been set up to capture the information they need and the reports have been designed to provide information in the way they want to see it. She ensures the numbers are accurate by guiding bookkeeping staff in data entry. She explains and discusses the reports with clients, so that they are actionable and accountabilities are set to achieve improvement.

Karen works with Accounting firms to assist their clients. She thoroughly enjoys the working relationships she has with accounting firms and helping their business clients. All CFO On Call partners around Australia and New Zealand are happy to work closely with Accountants to ensure their clients’ businesses are running as profitably, efficiently and professionally as possible and any issues the business is experiencing can be tackled by commercially experienced professionals in our team.

Karen is a CPA with a Bachelor of Business – Accountancy (Accounting Major, Taxation Secondary Major) – Queensland University of Technology.

If you are either a small business owner or an Accounting firm looking for a CFO to help, please email us at info@CFOonCall.com.au to set up an initial chat.

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