MSM Milling

- Testimonials

MSM Milling lacked seniority and trust within their Finance team. They were needing a finance professional to come in and settle the current finance team and tighten up processes. Management wanted to feel a lot more trust about the reporting that they were seeing. They were also recruiting for a full time CFO position and were finding the recruitment process lengthy and frustrating.

CFO On Call was contracted to provide an Interim CFO role service, this allowed MSM Milling to take their time to recruit for a full time CFO.

Andrew Free from CFO On Call was appointed to the Interim role, he quickly and efficiently tightened up processes while settling and directing the team with his calm nature. Tim Churcher CEO explained that Andrew has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and 9 months later, Tim felt complete trust in his Financial team going forward. Having Andrew gave him time to research and appoint a full time CFO into the Finance team.

Tim Churcher 

CEO, MSM Milling Pty Ltd, Agriculture