Veterinary Dermatology Specialists

- Testimonials

We started our business
‘Veterinary Dermatology Specialists’ in 2020 just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
As veterinarians our main objective was to provide excellent healthcare outcomes to
our patients and advice to pet-owners. When it came to understanding our business
finances we knew we needed some expert advice. It is fair to say that prior to
engaging with Lianne’s services, our understanding of the financial aspects of our
business was limited. Since our initial meeting with Lianne she has provided patient
guidance and clear explanations to demystify complex financial concepts and
equipped us with the knowledge and confidence to navigate our business’s fiscal
landscape effectively.

Lianne’s expertise in financial modelling was instrumental in crafting a
comprehensive plan for our business, guiding us to pinpoint areas where additional
time and resources could be strategically invested for maximum impact. Using
Lianne’s modelling we were able to determine that hiring additional nurses and
veterinarians was not only financially feasible but was necessary to continue our
growth trajectory.

Lianne’s meticulous construction of several tailored financial models for our business
has provided a roadmap for optimal resource allocation, guiding us to invest time and
resources strategically for sustainable growth. Lianne’s commitment to excellence
and personalised approach has positioned her as a trusted partner in our financial

We are immensely grateful for Lianne’s expertise and dedication in bridging the gap
between our aspirations and financial realities. We wholeheartedly endorse Lianne to
any organisation seeking to enhance their financial acumen and drive tangible

Drs Fiona Scholz and Sam Crothers
Directors at Veterinary Dermatology Specialists