Why are you long on workshop hours but short on cash
in the bank?

  • Find out how to stop your auto workshop leaking $100,000s in revenue.
  • Discover 4 simple processes to reduce the cost burden on your workshop.

Veteran auto industry financial controller Con Koudsy gets straight to the answers in his ebook “Workflow Management & Cashflow in the Automotive Industry”. 

In this revealing and concise ebook Con shares insights into what impacts sales, profit and cashflow.  You’ll learn about

  • How to turn your hours in the workshop into money in the bank
  • The ‘Key Indicators’ to running a successful auto business
  • Where to find growth opportunities through financial control
  • The processes that will set up your business for the best sale price.
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Who is Con Koudsy?

Con Koudsy has real on-the-ground experience in the auto repair industry spanning two decades. He has dealt with all things financial in the industry including company and SMFS financial management, cashflow planning, investments, asset finance and workers compensation.

But this isn’t where it stops!

He has applied his management skills to facilitating the introduction of a new
vehicle repair facility into an existing group, implemented new production management systems; and adjusted existing procedures and controls to improve the production management process from the workshop to the front office.

His work at industry level led to a securing a supply of work from a major insurance company with sales revenue of $20 million per year. He has presented to insurance companies and motor vehicle manufacturers, detailing actions taken on issues of equipment compliance, energy and environmental initiatives, and green energy compliance.



"This eBook will help you to avoid massive headaches and add huge value to your business."
Sue Hirst
CFO On-Call Partner and Author

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